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We celebrate the time period from the mid-1960s to 2000 as the high point of music in what we call the era of Classic Soul music.  Our goal is to create products and information that honors the rich culture that created the music that we all remember.  Know Your Soul Music glorifies and connects you to those magical times. 

This was a dynamic time in the history of the country overall and Black America specifically, creating music and moments that have lasted a lifetime. Memories include vinyl, 45 records, spindles, liner notes on albums and so many other unique symbols of the times.  R&B music was the voice box of the culture and during this 30-year period screamed "For Us, By Us” like no other time.

Know Your Soul Music has created unique products that speak specifically to those who love R&B music plus relate to the culture and times that produced that magic.  A soulful memory lane is our destination with products that clearly say, “They are talking to me”. Come join us as we remember this fantastic journey with products that you will love.

This is more than just a business endeavor, but an opportunity to bring those who lived through and love Classic Soul music plus all the symbolism that the period represented. 

Robert Brown

Know Your Soul Music is headed by Robert Brown an author, lecturer and Rhythm & Blues (R&B) music cultural anthropologist with an in-depth knowledge focusing on the musical period from the mid-1960s to 1990, often referred to as Classic Soul.  Connecting the music to the social, cultural and political influences of the times makes his expertise above that of most category experts.


He created, developed the content/syllabus and taught a course at the University of California – Berkeley Extension, titled the Musical Soul of the 1960s & ’70s.  During the last five years, he has been an in-studio host on the weekly Podcast, We Luvv Rare Grooves.  This weekly 90-minute show features Classic Soul artists/songs that the commercial stations have overlooked


Robert has written columns for musical publications, lectured on the history of the evolution of the R&B sound and is the author of the book Know Your Soul, The Music of A Lifetime    He’s had a lifelong love for R&B music that includes a substantial music library of albums, 45’s, CD’s, and books on the subject matter with his extensive vinyl collection featured in Black Enterprise Magazine.


Professionally he has over three decades of experience in brand, advertising, sports, and entertainment marketing with Fortune 500 Corporations. Mr. Brown holds a B.S. from The Ohio State University and M.B.A in marketing from Atlanta University.  

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