Know Your Soul: The Music of A Lifetime is simply about how the culture of the time created Black music and vice versa. Mankind chronicles history, but most of music and in this case Black music, is a direct reflection of the culture elements of the time.

Know Your Soul:The Music of A Lifetime


Know Your Soul: The Music of a Lifetime, is just that, the “music of my life”. This book is about the intersection of black music and black culture from 1960 to 1990, my musical sweet spot.  The book will reflect how cultural markers that I lived through, such as Gospel, Civil Rights, War/Protest, Black Pride, Soul Train, Motown and Black Movies were the catalyst for the creation of some of the greatest music of the last century. You will be connected with musical memories, educated on that link of R&B with Black culture and presented with questions on each subject area. Want to know "How Deep is Your Soul" take our musical challenge and find out at the end of every chapter. Join us for Classic Soul fun and knowledge.