Classic Soul or Jazz Drink Coasters 

Classic Soul or Jazz high-quality drink coasters made from the center of an original album, with the original labels intact. Each coaster is sealed with a polyurethane coasting preventing moisture that could fade the label. This very fashionable coaster is good for hot or cold drinks and we add a cork bottom that protects the furniture. A gift that a music lover would surely appreciate.

We will ship 4 coasters of either Classic Soul/R&B or Jazz artists/labels that have been popular and appeared on the R&B and Jazz music charts. We primarily use artists from the 1970s to 2000 as our coasters/ Unlike others, we don't use made-up or minor labels for our products. Handmade in the US, these are real R&B music labels that connect you to the "music of your life".  4 coasters $25 plus $5.99 shipping.

Know Your Soul Music only assures that we will send authentic R&B music labels but can not guarantee specific artists. You can provide one artist and if we have them, we will include them.


We can create personalized themed sets for an increased fee

Key Holder 

Made from the center of an actual R&B/Classic Soul or Jazz album, this keyholder is for home or office.  This very high impact item provides that centrally located place that you can place your keys. The records are reinforced on a wood-backed support with hooks that can be used to mount the key holder to the wall. We select the song/artists from your choice of either Classic Soul or Jazz categories. We use major artists from the time of the 1970s – 2000 as our primary source of music. Our primary products are 3 or 4 hooks that retail for $25 or $30 respectively, plus $5.99 shipping and handling.

We can also create a custom order that can send you up to 10 key hangers and specific artists or genres of music. 

The Original Music of Your Mind Painting

A 3' x 3' custom canvas art painting original that uses the detailed image of a beautiful woman, with real 45rpm records in her hair. The recordings are actual R&B hits songs with their original labels from the 1960s, 70s & 80s that provides uniqueness, memories, and beauty in one artist rendition.  This visually powerful art would be a perfect gift for real music lovers and would look great in your living room.  $700

Music of Your Mind Painting Canvas Reprint

A more affordable version of the original painting, this is very stunning. This canvass reprint is mounted and ready to hang in your home or office that expresses your love for Classic Soul music. Available in three sizes, 12"x 12"', 16" x 16" and 24" x 24" canvas prints are a direct replica of the original, with very distinguishable images of the individual 45rpm records Again just like the original, this is stunning that reflects a cultural symbol and music that expresses this beautiful musical age.

12"x 12"  - $35, 16" x 16" - $50,   24" x 24" - $70 plus $5.99 shipping and handling

Vinyl Book Holder

Classic Soul or Jazz LP Album Bookend Holder made from 12"records. These musical Bookends will hold as many books as you want. Great for home or office or a unique gift idea! You'll be sure to spark a conversation! Whether it is Motown or Jazz this will be a great gift for the music lover! 

$20 for 2 bookends $5.99 shipping and handling