Know Your Soul:
The Music of a Lifetime
  • Know Your Soul: The Music of Lifetime is very simply about culture overall and Black culture specifically that created R&B music from the 1960’s to 1990.

  • The Process, Afro, Jheri Curl and High Top Fade generations produced Classic Soul Music that did not just reflect, but shaped society.

  • This was a dynamic time in the history of Black America and many of you were part of the culture that resulted in the best music of the last century.  R&B music was the voice box of the culture and during this 30 year period screamed "For Us, By Us” like no other time.

  • The tenderness of a heartfelt love song, thunder of a funky throw down jam, liberation of an unshamedly song of Blackness, the hypocrisy of war, feelings of inner city life, explosiveness of hip hop and watching the Soul Train Line become an American institution at all social gatherings are cultural insights explored

  • Understand how previously forbidden words like Funk, Freaky and Dope were “flipped” and became major descriptors in songs. 

  • Come share the memories, culture and music with Know Your Soul: The Music of A Lifetime, as we march down your memory lane.

  • After the book informs you, take the Soul Music and Cultural Challenge after each chapter. Get a chance to measure how "Deep is Your Soul", come take our completely ethnic musical IQ Test.

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This book explains the dynamic nature of black music during three of the greatest decades of  change in the country. It was done with knowledge, insightfulness, amd through the lens of someone who lived the music. The musical challenge at the end of each chapter was very thought provoking. 

Ronald Patterson, Music Executive 

Know Your Soul: The Music of A Lifetime took me to a musical place that I had not visited in a long time. This


  book was "sopped" in soul.

Clifton Moseley Host WE LUV RARE GROOVES 

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